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Jak można wybierać kamery w Warszawie za t

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One of the most crucial yet often disregarded pieces to consider with your eCommerce business is planning the journey that you want your customer to take.

Too many businesses get caught up on working in the company rather than optimising and working on the business.

Which brings about the question, do you know the journey that you want your customers to take? Or perhaps more importantly do you know the journey that your customers actually are taking?

Here we delve a little deeper into ways that you can look into planning your customer journey and quick ways to fix the most typical problem areas.

Stop guessing, Start calculating

The one thing you are more than likely guilty of is guesswork. We all all get it done from time to time however now in 2016 there is no excuse for guesswork for 95% of your business as niespotykane alarmy w mieście Warszawa there is data available.

Just because you think you really know what journey your customers take, really does not mean you are right, and more importantly it could mean that potential customers are getting lost or confused and leaving in frustration somewhere along the customer journey.

Ultimately if you have neglected or never actively spent time building or planning the trip of your customer then you are more than likely leaving money on the table and this will be impacting your conversion rate.

Website blindness is a real phenomenon and the one that you most likely experience from.

You look at your site most likely every day and if you didn't build it you certainly had a hand in the design and layout.

Which means you automatically know where everything is and therefore biased in planning the customer journey.

The simplest way to get around this is by utilising fresh sight.

Grab a friend or someone much less common with your website and task them with buying a specific product on your site, and watch them navigate it live and make notes about potential stumbling blocks and also ask them what they think of certain web pages and buttons and how it may be more intuitive to them.

Tools that can help you optimise your customer journey

In this world your customers have never lived with such a short attention span. It is a noisy eCommerce world and time has never recently been a more important commodity to the savvy shopper.

That is commonly explained that you have 5 mere seconds in which to first grab your potential consumers' attention when they first reach your site.

And then if you succeed at that and you sell what they want they need to have the ability to navigate to the checkout in just 3 clicks.

Any more on either of these and your chances of losing them to your rivals increase dramatically.

They will key to being able to stop those high bounce rates is data, or maybe more specifically knowledge.

You need to really know what your customers are doing and more significantly what they struggle with.

The good news is that there are numerous tools available to you as a business person now that contain made collecting relevant data easier than ever.

Google Analytics for example is a great free tool which will explain to you a fantastic breakdown of traffic on your site, including pages which have the highest drop out rate for your visitors.

Optimizely is another fantastic tool which permits you to run A/B tests on your site to take away guesswork over a number of areas on your website, leaving you with the actual numbers of actual customer behaviour.
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